Running Man is about to end soon

Watching back all Running Man’s past episodes is like remembering how they cheer me up during my college times. Dari mulai streaming bareng episode terbaru pake iMac-nya perpus baru, ketawa bareng di kosan temen sampe niruin suara Sparta setiap salah satu dosen killer mau masuk kelas.

I never thought i would be this emotional after hearing that they will finish the show soon. What even makes me shocked is the fact that the show has been aired since 2010! I just realized how time flies so fast when laughter and happiness is all we’ve got that we don’t even bother to look at the calendar. Running Man truly have given me not only the healthy laughter, but also many important life lessons.

I remember one of their episodes in which they compete to cross the Han River using the boat they make themselves with unexpected materials. Before they make the boats, they play the games to determine the rank of the material they will use. Unexpectedly the team with the worst material win the race in unbelievable time record. And the team with the best material placed last. In the end of the episode, Ji Suk Jin added a comment as a closing which turn to be my favorite quote,

“You think you are in first place, but actually you’re last. You think you’re last but actually you’re the winner. You can always catch up and win in life.”

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