Two months to go to August means two months to go to turning 25.

Honestly i’m not a big fan of birthday and neither are my family. The only thing i like about my birthday is just how i share the same born date with mom. Since i was a kid, i never had a birthday party or celebration even once. The biggest event that ever happened during my birthday was having my colleagues brought me a dozen of donuts with candle on it for me to blow while they sang “happy birthday” song to me, that’s all. I was so touched literally since i didn’t expect them to do things like that at all. I was thankful but at a same time didn’t know what to do and started to think that they might be disappointed by my flat or not so overwhelming response – you know that guilty feeling.

So what do i and my family usually do on birthdays?

Let me tell you something. This is what i love about my family. They are extremely simple when it comes to events. Normally on one of our birthdays, we would just said to each other “Oh today is her/his birthday” with flat intonation, or if there’s no one remember it, we would say (and it’s usually me and my sister LOL) “it’s my birthday today” and then they congratulate the birthday girl/boy, also without so much enthusiasm. After that, we will decide where to eat on weekends (whenever the birthday is, we will “celebrate” it on weekend), even sometimes my father will be reluctant to join the ladies if he is too tired :D. No presents since we all are adults now and no cake cutting. Mom said, “who would eat the whole cake at home?” Well, she is right. My family have a bad habit of buying foods, eat only a tiny piece of them and leave it on the refrigerator for eternity, until we throw them out because they have been there too long or when they stink already. (Don’t be like us!)

Not just the birthday. I don’t even know my parent’s wedding anniversary date because they never celebrate it even once. What i know is just they married on November 1989 and that was because of the month and the year marked on their old wedding photos i was looking at, not because they told me. They are so anti-events, so to speak. However, raised in a family in which such events do not that matter is such a blessing for me. Why? Because it made me think, behind those important dates people will assume, there are far more important things we could pay more attention to. For instance, what to eat today and if there’s enough brown rice in stock. Lol, just kidding. I just love their simplicity.

I learn from them that we should not rely our happiness on any events or celebration. We could careless about the birthday, yet we could still be happy.  So please don’t get me wrong if sometimes i forgot or just don’t feel like saying “happy birthday”. It’s not that “i don’t remember yours” or “i don’t care about you anymore” or even worst “i stop loving you”. It’s just me who personally think birthday shouldn’t be a big deal in everyone’s life. It is just a birthday, anyway. And i still love you.


66% introverted girl


2 pemikiran pada “Birthday

  1. Sama banget!!! If i dont give you birthday greetings this year, please dont get mad at me 😛
    insyaallah i send you prayer everyday 🙂


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